Viscous Crystals

Artist: Psynaptix
Genre: Glich/Psy-Breaks/Trip Hop

Welcome to Karana

Karana is an initiative started by a collective of alternative electronic musicians based in and around South Africa's highveld region, provincially known as Gauteng. It's a source for high-quality masterfully produced sounds coming from this part of South Africa.

Initially Karana represented the psychedelic trance culture of this region which over many years has been supported by a small yet dedicated number of custodians. But, to truly reflect the culture of this energetic scene Karana provides exposure to artists reflecting many angles and musical journeys.

Karana is a Sanskrit verbal noun, meaning: "the act of making, doing, producing, effecting" ; "the special business of any tribe or caste". We decided on a Sanskrit name because this project is ALL about the 'special business' of our tribe. This of course being the MUSIC. It is our aim, that we ourselves take our music to the world, and in effect, 'producing' and 'effecting' our own destiny!!

Psynaptix - Viscous Crystals

Imagine a crystal, reverting to its liquid state. A clam in space. Filaments of pulsating light.

Psynaptix' new album Viscous Crystals is an explosion of tasty, insanely modulated basslines and ambient sounds that create a unique atmosphere.

A surprisingly squelchtastic psybreaks surprise awaits, finishing with an intricate ambient track.

Full of mathematical, uniquely placed drums, percussion and sounds crafted delicately and specially created for each track on the album.

Expect fat three dimensional basslines, cheeky leads and intelligent sounds that will soothe the soul.

Synesthetic indulgence begins! Now with added Vitamin B!

Mastering done by Vaughan Phillips @ the Audio Matrix (
Artwork by Psynaptix

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