Dark Pineapples & Chocolate

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When not trapped in an alternate universe as a flying pineapple, Tristan Banhegyi Aka. "Psynaptix" also spends most of his time being human too.

After 3 years perfecting his sound, while testing it in an amorphous state with live performances at various outdoor & indoor festivals around the highveld region of South Africa Psynaptix Finally brings you his debut album!

This collection of work, is an album that redefines psytrance basslines, with their own truly unique twist & style topped with 8-Dimensional Geometric soundscapes, solid tight grooves & twisted percussion!

The Psynaptix sound is a diverse fusion of the best elements of both night & day time psytrance, with some added forrays into the more experimental side of Psybient & Psybreaks to top off the experience [In the same way any unconventional salad seasonings would]

Karana Music accepts no responsibility for your mind having to be scraped off the ozone layer with a spatula, or your ear mysteriously being stapled to the sun.

Not safe for alien life-forms under the age of 370.

[Ps: The chocolate is a lie!]

Artwork By Liquid Squid (Shari Banhegyi)