Highveld Bohemians vol.1

Compiled by Trypsinogen

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Highveld Bohemians vol.1 Compiled by Trypsinogen

Karana is an initiative started by a collective of alternative electronic musicians based in and around South Africa's highveld region, provincially known as Gauteng. It's a source for high-quality masterfully produced sounds coming from this part of South Africa.

Initially Karana represents the psychedelic trance culture of this region which over many years has been supported by a small yet dedicated number of custodians. But to truly reflect the culture of this energetic scene Karana intends to provide exposure to artists reflecting many angles.

Karana is proud to announce the release of our debut album - Highveld Bohemians Vol. 1. A plethora of psychedelic trinkets gathered from sound explorers in and around Johannesburg, South Africa