Infernal Droid

Let The Sin Begin

Let the Sin Begin

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Infernal Droid - Let The Sin Begin

Infernal Droid is what happens when you mix Lego spacemen, heavy metal, metaphysics and too many MAME roms. Powered by divine intervention and tea, and with the co-operation of the human called Andrew Avvakoumides, Infernal Droid has become a constantly evolving exploration of creativity through sound. Influenced by a variety of different styles, Droid creates tracks that amuse him, and in turn hope that they will inspire and move others to imagine and create.

After having many releases on Compilations (VA Interceptor Outlander, VA Psyanide - Mako Reaktor, VA Highveld Bohemians Twisted Activities), Infernal Droid finally brings you his long awaited debut artist album on Karana. Let The Sin Begin is nothing less than a frenzy of Psychedelia that blurs the lines between different Genres to make something completely fresh. Talent is also borrowed from the infamous Insaneacyde and newcomer Kine-Tech Affair as they rework some of Droids much loved dance floor killers. With its twisted melodies and driving rhythms, Let The Sin Begin is a must have for any Psychedelic Warrior looking to not only twist reality, but shatter it to pieces