Compiled by Trypsinogen

Highveld Bohemians vol.2

Let the Sin Begin

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Highveld Bohemians vol. 2 Compiled by Trypsinogen

Karana is proud to announce the release of their annual compilation, Highveld Bohemians. Volume 2 is nothing short of powerfull, this time including Solar Axis from CPT as our special guest. Solar Axis plays the Highveld so much that we consider him a Highveld Bohemian. Joining him are new comers The Homeless Toast Collective, Salviation & Psynusitis, along with some old friends to bring you another Psychedelic assault with each track carefully hand picked by Trypsinogen to take you to new soundscapes.

So put this on and get ready to get down like a Highveld Bohemian.