Beautiful Filth

Beautiful Filth

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Mostly known for his filthy broken beats & bass driven dance music, Twelv, one of South Africa's most prolific dubstep & breakbeat producers is proud to present this unique experimental bass music album.

Spanning a wide spectrum of electronic bass music with  a fine balance of filth, highly emotive melody and dissonance.  Mastered uniquely in a fight against  the mastering loudness  wars for maximum dynamics, harmonic impact  & stereo width.

Beautiful Filth is a listening/journey album Featuring Dubstep, Glitchop, Breakbeat, Electronica, Drum 'n Bass & Future-Ambient. Incorporating ever morphing soundscapes,  and a full stereo sphere with sounds from every angle & dimension.

For the full journey, listen in track order from start  to finish, in stereo & surrounded by jellyfish.

All music composed, produced, mixed & mastered by Robert Rumney [Aka. Twelv]
Artwork by Christopher W. Dowding