LSD Influence

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Twelv [Aka. Robert Rumney] presents you with "LSD Influence" a culmination of over 3 years work. TWelv is also half of LCD Influence who released award winning "Will eat your Sandwiches" and he promises to deliver once more.

With LSD Influence a foray into the more experimental side of psychedelic Breakbeats, Dubstep, Drum & Bass & Electronic Neurofunk is made. Expect banging Beats, super phat basslines, squelchy leads & twisted geometrical psychedlia pushing the boundaries of sound design to its limits. Chaotic bassline switches and arrangements, all splattered on top of a solid groove will get your psynapses shaking their little neurotransmatic booties.

Twelv says "The hippocampus is indeed a part of the brain, safely nestled behind the temporal lobe. It doesn't have any hippo's camping in it, but it just might after listening to Lsd Influence."

So there you have it! Serve With Ice. Batteries Not Included

Artwork by Myza420